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Ремонт автокондиционера в Алматы

    Our phone: 8(747) 272 66 40

    Car air conditioning repair in Almaty is a service that is required by many car owners, especially in the city heat.

    Our service offers a full range of repair and maintenance services for air conditioning systems in cars of various makes and models.Car air conditioner repair in Almaty

    Car air conditioner repair in Almaty

    Car air conditioning repair may be required for various reasons:

    • Freon leak
    • System clogged
    • Compressor fault
    • Damage to the condenser radiator
    • Malfunction of auto electricsCar air conditioner repair in Almaty

    Diagnostics of car air conditioning in Almaty

    Diagnostics is the first step to quality repairs. It includes:

    • Checking the refrigerant level
    • System Pressure Test
    • Inspect components for leaks and wear
    • Checking the performance of the compressor and condenser

    After diagnostics, we provide the client with a report on the condition of the system and recommendations for repairs.Diagnostics of car air conditioning in Almaty

    Repair process

    1. Repairing leaks and replenishing freon.
    2. Replacement or repair of damaged components (compressor, condenser).
    3. Flushing and disinfection of the system.
    4. Replacement of filters and drying element.
    5. Checking and restoration of electrical control circuits .Car air conditioning service in Almaty

     Car air conditioning service in Almaty

    To prevent breakdowns, regular maintenance is recommended, including:

    • Cleaning the condenser radiator
    • Replacing the cabin filter
    • Checking the level and condition of the refrigerant
    • Electrical control system diagnostics

     Car air conditioner repair price

    car model Diagnostics Refilling with freon Complex repair
    Toyota 5000 tenge. from 12,000 tenge. from 25000 tenge.
    Volkswagen 5000 tenge. from 17,000 tenge. from 30000 tenge.
    Hyundai 5000 tenge. from 12,000 tenge. from 27000 tenge.
    Nissan 5000 tenge. from 12,000 tenge. from 25000 tenge.
    BMW 5000 tenge. from 18,000 tenge. from 35000 tenge.

    Car air conditioner repair price


    By choosing us for car air conditioner repair in Almaty , you get not only high-quality repairs and professional service, but also affordable prices. We guarantee the long life of your air conditioning system after repair.

    Frequently asked questions and answers

    • How long does it take to repair a car air conditioner?
      Repair time can vary from several hours to several days, depending on the complexity of the breakdown and the availability of necessary spare parts.
    • How often should your car air conditioner be serviced?
      It is recommended to service the car air conditioner at least once a year, and in case of intensive use — twice a year.
    • What is included in standard car air conditioning maintenance?
      Standard maintenance includes checking and refilling the refrigerant , replacing the cabin filter, checking the compressor and cleaning the condenser core.
    • Is it possible to charge the car air conditioner yourself?
      Refilling the car air conditioner yourself is not recommended, as it requires special knowledge and tools. Improper refilling can damage the system and impair its performance.
    • What guarantees do you provide for the work performed?
      We provide a guarantee for all types of repairs and replacement parts. The warranty period depends on the type of work performed and materials used.

    Why should you contact us for car air conditioning repair?

    By choosing our service, you get:

    • Professional approach and qualified specialists.
    • Use of modern equipment and quality materials.
    • Providing full diagnostics and transparent estimates.
    • Guarantee for all types of work performed.
    • Comfortable service conditions and short repair times.


    Repairing a car air conditioner in Almaty is a responsible process that requires a professional approach and precision.

    Our service offers high-quality repairs and maintenance of air conditioners of all brands of cars.

    By contacting us, you can be sure of high quality services and long-lasting results.

    We care about the comfort and safety of our customers, offering them the best solutions to maintain the ideal climate in the car.

    Our phone: 8(747) 272 66 40